About ordering from Amazon.com

Looking for that specific item? We have the ability to source and import almost any type of item available from the USA Amazon.com store. It will take a little time to bring the item in, but we have experience in this trade, and we will make it a pleasure for you to get that particular item. Send us a mail with the URL linking to the exact product you want and we will send you a quote. From IT equipment to Vehicle parts to Gift Vouchers, to Kindles...in fact just about anything (as long as its not on the list of prohibited goods). Its as easy as that. Give us a shot.

Physical Address

Pasangano Building 20 King George Rd, Avondale Harare (+263) 42 25 33 33 (+263) 42 25 33 00

Contact Us

(42) 25 33 33
(42) 25 33 00
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